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Testimonials From Satisfied Couples
"It's a great pleasure to get to know about and used this SMS-Wedding Service. After my wedding night, I've received numerous good comments from the friends and family that it's a unique services. Coz it's something that the guests won't be bored while they are having the dinner. As we are too busy for that night event, we are not able to receive all the guests' wishes. However, from the SMS gateway, the guests are able to send their greetings to us and we're able to keep it in a cd after then. Thumbs up for SMS Wedding!"
~ Vincent & Qing Li ~
"I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to you and your team for the great effort, excellent and efficient service. My partner and I are truly satisfied with your service and the site is really great. We had a good experience working with you. Your warm and friendly service really touches our heart. Million thank to you."
~ Siti Norliana & Khairilzaly ~
"My hubby and I wanted something SPECIAL and UNIQUE for our wedding... And we came across the iWish service... :) And the ONLY statement to describe our experience with the service is - We NEVER regretted signing up for iWish!!! The heartwarming, touching, interesting and witty dedications from guests left behind lovely & everlasting memories for us!! In addition, our guest were very impressed and surprised as none had seen nor participated in anything like this before and most were happily entertained throughout the night. :) The iWish cards were also lovely and very nicely done and serves as additional momento for our guests. Our heartfelt thanks to Swee Mein for the excellent service provided. May we once again offer our sincere thanks for the excellent job done.. :)"
~ Chee Fui & Hwee Kwan ~
"We are very happy to have engaged ur services.. our friends and relatives are very impressed and surprised as they have never seen anything like that before. The services are very good and the deliverables are very prompt. The cards are also sweetly done, and serves as a momento very nicely for our guests!"
~ Chee Seng & Aileen ~
"We hired the services of the SMS Wedding services from whereby for the uninitiated, your guests can sms their well wishes to a toll free line and their sms wishes will be projected via a live feed on the hotel's ballroom screen. The good thing is that the well wishes will be copied onto a CD Rom which is more convenient than a guest book. Also a photo montage was also provided in the package for screening during the banquet. Swee Mein , the manager from serving us was very helpful which was a plus. He was prompt in answering all our queries, responded promptly with our montage draft and clear, concise in informing us how to use the service."
~ Eugin & Gayle ~
"Hi there, SMS wedding was indeed a innovative & cool way to keep our guests entertained the whole nite, most relatives' eyes were glued on the screen to see the most updated message, hahah, we have to turn off the screen so that the focus is on us & not on the screen...hee hee Cheers to the team @SMSWedding, you have indeed made our wedding a special one."
~ Thomas & Regina ~
"Hi, Thanks for providing such fun & innovative services at our wedding! It simply make our dinner more personal & special with the interactive well-wishes, a 1st to many of our guests ; ) Not to mention the lovely card as momento for our dear guests. Its simply heartwarming for us as we look through our friends' SMS. iWish services are also top-nought! Kindos to you & your team!!! Luv, Nelson & Shufen : )"
~ Nelson & Shufen ~
"First of all, I will like to thank you for your helping us in getting the sms wedding done for us. It had been great! I will also like to comment you your follow up to ensure closure on pending actions via mail. The ease of speaking to you on my concerns and the flexibility your team had been providing had been quality.
On behalf of my wife & I, I will like to say thank you."
~ Clifford & Christie ~
"The availability of the SMS dedication service simply added another dimension to the wedding dinner and our guests were never bored throughout the dinner. We were staring at the screen in between our two march-in to see the latest heart-warming well wishes and comments on our hilarious video clip. It simply made our wedding more lively and memorable. Sincere thanks to SMS Wedding for making it happen..!"
~ Der Siang & Soo Hiang ~
"iWish works wonder on my wedding day! As most of our beloved family members and friends from France are not able to come to Singapore for our wedding, we sent them the iWish cards before the actual day and we received some heartwarming greetings from France. We even received one greeting sent from a dear friend who is working in Sweden. Also, this interactive program had kept my guests busy instead of the usual dinner where guests only wait for food to be served. Thanks a million to your team!"
~ Herve & Jean ~
"We are glad we decided to go ahead with the iWish. It certainly kept our guests entertained. Who say wedding banquets are boring? Thanks to the SMS team for their dedicated service too. Cheers!"
~ Josh & Kelly ~
"Thanks for the great support. Your help was a great memory for us. I especially like your CD as it provided us something to look back after dinner. It was definitely nice working with you. Wish you a prosperous business."
~ Tianshun & Baolian ~
"Hi, both kathy and I find that the smswedding website is very meaningful for our precious wedding. It helped to entertain the guests and gave all of them a chance to send their wedding greetings to us anytime they like. Most of our friends and relatives like the idea of this program and we'll strongly recommend this to all our friends. Thanks"
~ Winston & Kathy ~
"Although the dinning area seemed bare on my wedding night, sms wedding service made it look lively and happening. My guest totally enjoyed reading their msgs and of the other guests'. It's a total new experience, one that is interactive. It brought the guests and the bridal couple closer during this important and memorable event. Who needs a guest book when we have this?"
~ Jing Long & Evelyn ~
"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service rendered. Indeed, the evening was heightened with such exclusive mode of well-wishes broadcast. All our guests were treated with yet another token of iWish cards as memorial. All these were not possible without iWish. Truly appreciated and highly recommended to all love duo!!!"
~ Edmund & Hwei Lin ~
"Thanks!! My guests luv the cards as memory! Enjoyed ourselves thoroughly yesterday. Great service rendered!"
~ Shaojun & Jeslin ~
"I wanted somethg unique for our wedding, some participation for our guests & of cos, a surprise for my hubby.. before signing up, was in a dilemma, trying to weigh the benefit for this extra wedding cost.. in the end, I never regretted using this service.. cos we hv received really heartwarming & touching dedications.. those tat will still bring us tears even till now.. leaving us with lovely & everlasting memories.. besides, guests were impressed with this very interesting & unique idea.. somethg not common in many weddings.. the CD design was oso very well done.. we can really feel the efforts that you guys hv made..

on a personal note, our heartfelt thanks to Swee Mein & team for the excellent service, & being so accommodating in our last minute short notice.. including typing out the whole lengthy 1st SMS dedication tat I hv planned for my hubby.. he was really moved when he read tat.. No words can describe our sincere thanks for the excellent job done.. All the best.."
~ Shiyun & Shuling ~
"we are really glad that we opted for this service.. our guests loved it & many were very impressed with it. you have been really helpful throughout the entire preparations to make this dedication service so successful! thnks so much and we will definitely recommend you to our guests shld they wan to use this for their wedding!"
~ Derwin & Winifred ~
"this sms dedication service makes our wedding so much more interesting and memorable. All our guests can see the well wishes on screen. Cool! Also, you are so efficient and able to set up the entire thing within a short notice. Really appreciate it. Thanks!"
~ Qide & Yanxin ~
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